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The weekly schedule of prizes is as follows, from 12mn to 1159pm EST:

Week 1: March 1 to 7
Week 2: March 8 to 14
Week 3: March 15 to 22
Week 4: March 23 to 31

Good luck, everyone!


More than 100 participating authors!!!

More than 100 prizes to be won!!!


Susan Carlisle
Christina Lauren
Rayanne Haines
Rue Allyn
Samanthya Wyatt
Tricia McGill
Jenna Ives
Tina Donahue
Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku
Lynn Michaels
Tabetha Waite
Cat Dubie
Densie Webb
Alanna Lucas
Tory Richards
Russell Bittner
Mistral Dawn
Meika Usher
Laura Boon
LJ Collins
Cameron Allie
Sarah Makela
Tanya Sands
Ann Raina
Mary Morgan
Andrea R. Cooper
Lynn Shurr
Dania Voss
Jennifer Woodhull
Ann Herrick
Addison Brae
M. Lee Prescott
Verna Clay
Kathryn E. Crawford
Jacqueline Jayne
Monica Burns
Thia Finn
Cam Johns
Morgan James
Thia Finn
Vijaya Schartz
Scarlett Sanderson
Allyson Young
Rhonda R Eichman
Desiree Holt
Susan B James
Lisa Carlisle
Darlene Marshall
Laura A. Barnes
Scarlett Flame
Hannah Fielding
Christina Lynn Lambert
Kira Hillins
Meka James
Amelia Foster
Iyana Jenna
Marie Lavender
Cassandra Dean
Grea Alexander
Amber Anthony
Maggie Blackbird
Terri Osburn
Annette Bower
Maggie Tideswell
Eleanor Webster
R.B. O'Brien
TL Reeve & Michele Ryan
Tracy Sumner
Addison Albright
Joanne Guidoccio
Gail Pallotta
Katerina Ross
Shereen Vedam
Jools Louise
Jessica Coulter Smith
Marilyn Baron
SA Welsh
Cloud S. Riser
Harley Wylde
Faye Hall
T. Strange
Janet Lane Walters
Helen C. Johannes
Marianne Rice
Amber Renard
Amber Daulton
Linda Mooney
Isabelle Drake
Hywela Lyn
Amara Dey
Jennifer Theriot
Margaret L. Carter
Erica Ridley
JA Dennam
Peiri Ann
Donna Steele
Sharon Buchbinder
Vanessa Liebe
Elaine Dodge
L.D. Blakeley
Tamela Miles
Lynn Burke
Kathryn Heart
Natalina Reis
Rachael Richey
Sadira Stone
Sue Owens Wright
Karen Cogan
Pamela Woods-Jackson
Steve Shear
Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell
Nancy Fraser
Linda O'Connor
Mariah Lynne
Lynda Rees
Elizabeth Noble
Elise whyles
Glenys O'Connell
Lara Temple
Patricia Bates
Lex Valentine
Krista Lakes

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Sample Questions
Question #1     [ Chances: 10 ]
What happens to Susie in Jianne Carlo's Alpha Me Not?
- contributed by Jianne Carlo
a: Susie is kidnapped
b: Susie is tortured
c: Susie's house went up in flames
d: Susie's school caught fire and was devastated

Hint: http://www.jiannecarlo.com/

Question #2     [ Chances: 10 ]
In Derek by Sienna Matthews, who did Derek ask for help?
- contributed by Sienna Matthews
a: Carly
b: No one
c: His cousins
d: His mother

Hint: http://siennamatthews.blogspot.com/

Question #2     [ Chances: 10 ]

What fast food chain has a mascot named Ronald?
- contributed by The Romance Reviews

Hint: http://www.google.com/


Would you like to play hangman with me? Try guessing the word by clicking the letters below. Use the hint to increase your chance of winning!

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