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eXtasy Books


Piper J. Drake
Rhenna Morgan
Teri Riggs
Sharon Buchbinder
Ruth A. Casie
Kristy McCaffrey
Madison Michael
TL Travis
Dianne Hartsock
Alta Hensley
Annie Rose Welch
Taryn Jameson
Helen C. Johannes
Erica Monroe
Rachael Richey
Peggy Chambers
Lynn Winchester
TL Reeve
Charli Coty
Donna Simonetta
Susan Frances
Ann Herrick
Erica Ridley
Sawyer Bennett
Donna Hatch
Anna Durand
Ravenna Tate
Marina Martindale
Lea Bronsen
Jean Wilde
Nico J. Genes
Sarah Richmond
Susan B. James
Anna Harrington
Shiela Stewart
Tracey Cramer-Kelly
L.D. Rose
Sarah Richmond
Sharon Ervin
Rebecca Rivard
Elle Boon
Hywela Lyn
Cat Dubie
Katerina Ross
Susan Carlisle
Tina Donahue
Julia London
Sienna Matthews
Annette Bower
Cadence Vonn
Jaime Reese
Sara J Bernhardt
Lea Kirk
Madeline Martin
Tricia Schneider
Amey Zeigler
Jessie Pinkham
Izzy Szyn
Carole Ann Moleti
Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku
Stacy Juba
Pamela Woods-Jackson
Joanne Guidoccio
Zoe Forward
Faye Hall
Tory Richards
Marie Lavender
DeAnn Smallwood
Kris Jacen
Jennifer Bene
Tabetha Waite
T. Strange
Janet Lane Walters
Lynn Shurr
Mariah Lynne
Avery Woods
Rebecca Rivard
Aeryn Jaden
Mistral Dawn
Diana Rubino
Lisa Clark O’Neill
Shiela Stewart
Jaci Burton
Anne Barwell

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Sample Questions
Question #1     [ Chances: 10 ]
What happens to Susie in Jianne Carlo's Alpha Me Not?
- contributed by Jianne Carlo
a: Susie is kidnapped
b: Susie is tortured
c: Susie's house went up in flames
d: Susie's school caught fire and was devastated


Question #2     [ Chances: 10 ]
In Derek by Sienna Matthews, who did Derek ask for help?
- contributed by Sienna Matthews
a: Carly
b: No one
c: His cousins
d: His mother


Question #2     [ Chances: 10 ]

What fast food chain has a mascot named Ronald?
- contributed by The Romance Reviews



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