That Time in Venice
by Delaney Diamond | Interview

Q: THAT TIME IN VENICE is the 6th book in the Love Unexpected series. Where did you get your inspiration for this series? How are the books tied together?

Love Unexpected wasn't even supposed to be a series. The Blind Date (book 1) was a serial novel on my website that I eventually released as a book. During the course of writing the story, I fell in love with Ryan Stewart's smart aleck, cynical best friend, Tomas. I thought hmm...he needs a woman. That's when the idea to create a book 2 was formed, and eventually it blossomed into a...

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Unconditional Surrender
by Gina Danna | Interview
First Fall
by Zaide Bishop | Interview


Accidentally, On Purpose
Accidents happen, or so Cara Delavine always thought. After all, she'd spent her entire life tripping over her own two feet and apologizing for it, but when her curse harms another, it changes everything for the soft-spoken young woman. Beau Hamilton is a star athlete, the celebrated golden boy for the Vancouver Canuck's, but his career gets blindsided by a cheesy twist of fate that leaves him not only unable to see his way forward, but unable to see at all! Two lost souls in need are about to be brought together by three nosy sisters in this warmhearted winter romance that proves everything happens for a reason, if only Cara can bravely stand up to the angry but handsome Beau, and only if Beau can forgive the person who robbed him of his sight. Heat level: Sweet
Only 99c This Christmas!
The man known as Dutch is fine with being hated and feared. He keeps his mask on and his secrets close. There's only one person who reaches past all that to who he used to be before the job hit too close to home. Sacrifices must be made, and Dutch steps up do just that. He'll gladly pay the price to make sure Varun Patel is safe. Loyalty to family expects it. His heart demands it. And Patel rejects it. Half of Varun Patel's life resides in broken shadows he'd rather not remember. The other half is taken up by a man whose words push him away while his actions hold Patel close. Patel can't forget the one night he spent in Dane Hutchins' arms. The night promises were made. The night promises were broken. If it were up to Dutch, Patel won't ever know the bargains struck in his name. He won't ever know the memory of them keeps Dutch fighting in his bleakest moments. But Dutch should've known that in the lonely hours, Patel would come for him. And when that time arrives, there's no saying no. There's only the inevitable. Love amid the ruins. Warning: Contains references to sexual abuse/rape.
On Sale: 99c!
After an undercover assignment that changed his life forever, FBI agent Donovan Cintron is barely hanging on to sanity. His new mission is to forget, by any means necessary, so he tries his hardest. Pills. Booze. The warm bodies that never quite measure up to what he'd had. What he'd lost. It's almost a relief when he learns his identity might be compromised—except he's not the only one exposed. So is the husband he hasn't stopped needing all these years later. He'd been aching to die, but for Levi Nieto, Donovan will live. To protect. To regret. To remember. The realization that everything he loved was a farce sent Levi Nieto spinning out of control, and running away from the memories. Now Donovan is back in his life, still fully entrenched in darkness. Their physical connection is one thing, but the truth of who they are to each other remains trapped among the anger, violence and lies suffocating them. Fixing what's broken will take more than each man exposing his scars. Secrets—and blood—must be spilled.
Just 99c/free In Ku!
Pretending came far too easily for Sullivan Black. One of the reasons he rejected his privileged family and joined the FBI. But those dangerous assignments take something from him every time, leaving him a mess, unfamiliar even to himself. As he struggles to shed the skin of his latest op, he finds solace in the most random of places. Bar manager, Carter Renault's only intention was to escort the lonely stranger out of his place before he locked up. Yet somehow they end up in an alley, Carter's pants around his ankles. Their encounter is intense. A onetime thing. Except months later Sullivan is sneaking through Carter's window, appearing and disappearing at random. The blistering-hot sex doesn't hide the obvious torment Sullivan is going through, but Carter doesn't want to be caught in the middle. Just when he thinks he's seen the end of that undercover life, Sullivan gets pulled back in. But this time, his identity is no longer a secret, and the aggressive need he has for Carter could get the other man killed. To set everything right, Sullivan has to face the one man he loves and hates in equal

The Ones Who Got Away
| Contemporary Romance

5 devastating yet dreamy stars for THE ONES WHO GOT AWAY! Twelve years ago, Olivia Arias was a lucky survivor of a school shooting that killed many of her classmates. Her horrific memories of that day were only compounded by Finn Dorsey abandoning...

The Breeder
| Erotic Romance

THE BREEDER is a short, hot read, perfect for a break between longer reads. The dystopian setting is ripe for wild shenanigans, though nothing really happened. But the premise is delicious and thrilling. What I like best about this is that for all...

Wrench in the Engine

WRENCH IN THE ENGINE is the third book in the Galaxia Pirates series, and we continue where we left off. The Galaxia is in danger from her engine exploding (or something else equally as bad!) and the only one who can help is someone called Chris, who...

To Love a Highland Lord
| Historical Romance

Can your betrothed actually be your true love? When Logan lays his eyes on the woman he's been promised in marriage to since he was a child, he can't help but fall fast for the intelligent and gorgeous lady. There's just one problem, though. Well,...

Leap of the Lion
| Erotic Romance

Get ready for a dark novel with betrayals, erotica and feisty women who don't know their place! Book four in this series is emotional and not to be missed. It can be read as a standalone. It is recommended to read the first three books to understand the...

A Case of You

Back to the adorable trio: Brandon, Jeff and Stuart, the unfinished business is resolved in this book. When we last left off with Brandon, Jeff and Stuart in ROLLING WITH THE PUNCHES, Jeff was sick and Stuart was still estranged from his family. In this...

Approaching the Bench
| Contemporary Romance

5 stars on the run in APPROACHING THE BENCH! Callum Hopkins has secured a job as a law clerk for Judge Trinity Williams, and he couldn't be happier. His life plan involves being in a courtroom in some capacity, so clerking for Judge Williams is ideal....

Breaking the Rules
| Erotic Romance

BREAKING THE RULES is the first book in Lexie Davis' Roaming Devils series about bad boy biker Ryker Dennison, who is the president of the one percenter MC club, and the doctor he falls in love with, Ella Hawkins. Their story is told in more than one...

Love or Sacrifice

LOVE OR SACRIFICE is the third book in the Mages of the Nether series, and we focus on another 'Shield' - this time, it's William. He has appeared aloof, even cold, in previous books but we learn more about him in this one, and realise that it is just...

By the Book
| Contemporary Romance

What captured my attention initially is that BY THE BOOK is a retelling of Persuasion by Jane Austen. Now, my experience with Jane Austen retellings thus far wasn't good, because there wasn't much originality with the retellings and I got bored because...

Escape to the Stars
| Erotic Romance

ESCAPE TO THE STARS is the second book in the Galaxia Pirates series. In this one, we find out more details about the stowaway, Sandy, who we met at the end of the first book. Brian is in charge of him, and once they find out he is branded with a slave...


What about Bob? When Bob first appeared in The Cardinal Rule, he came across as an afterthought. Because really, he is a paying submissive to Pro-Domme Tilly. What really could come out of that relationship? What's more is, I loved Cardinal Rule and the...

Three Blind Dates
| Contemporary Romance

5 awkward dating stars for THREE BLIND DATES! Noely Clark, Good Morning, Malibu host, is in the market for love. Specifically, she's agreed to take part in a new blind dating program by Going In Blind, a restaurant with a niche, hoping to find her...

Sold to the Gladiators
| Erotic Romance

Felix, a freed gladiator, has been given dark news by the Seer. If his newly won land is to be plentiful, he must sow his seeds before the goddesses of fertility with a native girl who is both comely and bountiful (among other things). When he and his...

Color of You

I loved every minute I spend reading COLOR OF YOU. From beginning to end, it was a pure joy. Bowen moves to Lancaster, New Hampshire after he accepts a position as the high school's band director. Little he knew, he was about to meet his perfect match...

The Wright Secret
| Contemporary Romance

5 perfectly Wright stars for THE WRIGHT SECRET! Morgan Wright is stoked to be taking over as CEO of Wright Construction. She's been prepping her whole life for this role, but she can't afford distractions, even if they do come in the form of the man...

The Rebel - Part One
| Erotic Romance

THE REBEL - PART ONE by Marie Savio is an interesting story and I believe this is Ms. Savio's first publication, so massive bonus points for telling a great tale. As the summary indicates, Sara needs an outlet to alleviate stress and rather than reverting...


Romance, heat and tons of attitude are the key elements that bring the Queen's squad stories to life in the sixth instalment of the Five Boroughs series. The book is divided into three novellas that, even though they share characters and events, might...

The Fashionista and Her Lumberjack
| Contemporary Romance

Not exactly what I was hoping for. When April's best friend finds new love, she's happy for her. But a drunken night celebrating leads to a promise of flying across an ocean with her friend to visit the new man. Of course, her BBF's new beau is bringing...

The Submissive Muse
| Erotic Romance

THE SUBMISSIVE MUSE by Tiffany N. York has me in a bit of an emotional jumble as I process the story. This story contains an undying love and an emotional bond that most people might only dream of. There's unrequited love. There's such a penetrating sense...


The simmering intensity of testosterone-laden competitive athletes and that crazy energy that they bring to it are what I particularly love about sports romances. Never having read M/M for olympic swimmers, RELAY quite literally had my eyes popping at...

It Happened at the Park
| Romantic Comedy

IT HAPPENED AT THE PARK by Ryan Jo Summers is a contemporary romance that gives all your emotions a workout. The workaholic heroine inherits her deceased sister's dogs. The hero prefers his dog and laidback lifestyle over women at this point in his life...

See You Sometime
| Erotic Romance

Finally, a feel good story after a pounding of angst in this series. Skye is moving on to better things, coming back to Florida. Excited to read about her re-connection with a high school crush, I am humming happily. Then Ms. Dalton pulls the rug out...

Roll With the Punches

When life throws curve balls, a person can be beaten to death by trying to stand up against the balls or they could bend and roll with the punches. This story follows Heartache Spoken Here and should be read only after reading it. Just reading these two...

Crashed on an Ice World
| Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

I got into this one with trepidation, not because of Anna Hackett's world-building--that one's flawless, imaginative and has a tendency to suck you in no matter what book series she's publishing at any time. The search for a Viking treasure trove on an...

The Induction of Satine
| Erotic Romance

THE INDUCTION OF SATINE is a fast read and what I would qualify as a naughty nooner. Bit of fun reading to enjoy on your lunch break. Well, okay, maybe a work lunch isn't the best time to read this story, depends on where you work. At only about 5,000...

Ballerina Dad

BALLERINA DAD is a lovely short Christmas story. It was really sweet and romantic. Patrick is a tough professional hockey player who would do anything for his daughter, including showing up in a tutu to her holiday dance recital. Her ballet instructor,...

A Diamond for a Duke
| Historical Romance

Historical romance with a fairy tale twist. Jules knows he needs to do his ducal duty and marry. However, none of the available women have left an impression on him--except for one. Jemmah is the second daughter and lives in the shadow of her sister...

Dirty Filthy Fix
| Erotic Romance

DIRTY, FILTHY FIX was certainly different from the usual romances that I read. It also didn't fit the description of a traditional romance, which is that once the main characters get together, they couldn't have any sexual relations with other people,...

Oscar Down Under: Part One

Jack Ladd's OSCAR DOWN UNDER PART ONE is bit of a coming of age story told in flashback coupled with a touch of redemption, or perhaps it's more of a second chance. When we meet Oscar, he's quite the partier. Quick to find a fix, whether that be drugs,...

Piper Stone
Virginia, USA

Best Selling author, Piper Stone writes in several genres including romantic suspense, thrillers, erotic romance, dark erotic, Domestic Discipline, spanking, Domination and submission and traditional romance. She has a love of the non-traditional, preferring...

Mary B Rodgers
London and USA

A career performer and storyteller, Mary was the keyboardist and lead vocalist in an all-female rock band for a number of years, and has acted in leading roles in plays and musicals across the globe. Her first screenplay, Common Ground, was a finalist...

Julie Bozza

Ordinary people are extraordinary. We can all aspire to decency, generosity, respect, honesty - and the power of love (all kinds of love!) can help us grow into our best selves. I write stories about 'ordinary' people finding their answers in themselves...

Donna Simonetta

My career has been a winding road. I worked in the business world for years, got my MLS and worked in a school library, and am now living my dream as an author. I love to read and write contemporary and fantasy romance. I live in Maryland, with my husband,...

Jean Wilde
Toronto, Canada

I'm a Canadian author with a love for all things history and romance. I'm a huge Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen fan. When I'm not nose-deep in a book or working on my next novel, I can be found snuggling up to my hubby, 2 kids and black Lab.

Penny Brandon

Penny is a complete romantic who believes everyone can fall in love if only they'll open their heart to the possibility, which is why she writes those hot, erotic stories that will always have a happily ever after. However, it doesn't mean she'll necessarily...

Pacific Northwest

I am an avid fan of the written word. I love the flow and the infinate possibilities of putting words together to create a story. I cherish the rich imagination of the writers that do this so well. I am currently editing my own book and hope to be published...

Laurie P
San Diego Area

Married mother of two, who can't remember a time when I didn't have a book in my hand.


Based in Houston, Texas, MamaKitty is a mother to a beautiful little girl, wife to her own real life hero, book reviewer, and author of contemporary romance (under the name Paige Prince). She hates to be bored, loves a good book, and can usually be found...

Shana Rea

I love books

December 3 - 31
November 2017 Ezine




Meet Dasher This Christmas!
Exotic dancer Monroe Calliste recognizes the reindeer shifter eyeing her with open curiosity as she performs on stage. She remembers too well the one night they allowed themselves free reign over each other's bodies. But he doesn't recall their tryst, or maybe pretends not to. Either way, Monroe sets out to give him a refresher course. Dasher Petrovic has no memory of the coffee-colored temptress insisting they shared more than their bodies at one time. Monroe's eyes reflect a mutual burn, but she can't be right. If he'd spent even a second in her bed, he'd know. His ice melts under Monroe's fire, but the question remains, what happened to his memory?
Captive Of The Corsairs
He is a man with no past, she is a woman with no future - can they survive the present.
Alien Alphas
Fierce warriors. Savage barbarians. Powerful warlords. All ready to claim their mates. Alien Alphas is a collection of panty-melting sci-fi romances featuring dominant alien heroes, penned by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors. This decadently naughty box set includes twenty-three ALL-NEW, stand-alone novellas full of hot alien alpha males, breathless passion, and reluctant surrender. Take an exhilarating trip beyond the stars with this limited time only bundle that's sure to leave you turning the pages late into the night. Featured authors: Cari Silverwood, Cynthia Sax, Renee Rose, Lee Savino, Addison Cain, Kallista Dane, Maren Smith, Ava Sinclair, Sue Lyndon, Emily Tilton, Ashe Barker, Korey Mae Johnson, Grace Goodwin, Ivy Barrett, Jane Henry, Jaye Peaches, Katie Douglas, Lili Zander, Loki Renard, Maria Monroe, Megan Michaels, Myra Danvers, Sara Fields, and Sophie Kisker
Redheads Have More Fun
Ambrosine Dubreauil's life is quite, calm, and relaxing until the sexy Remy LaCroix walks into Who Do Voodoo, her voodoo shop on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and charms himself into her life. Remy's alligator farm takes in injured animals, rehabilitates them, and then releases them back into the swamp. When he visits Who Do Voodoo looking for a potion to protect his gators from poachers he meets the lovely, Priestess Ambrosine. Potions, charms, and spells, can't protect Ambrosine's heart from Remy's Louisiana slow drawl, sweet love of animals, and rambunctious family.
Christmas Joy
Pinecone has lost its Christmas spirit! Santa Claus tasks Paisley, a spirit Elf, with finding a true believer, the one resident of the town capable of inspiring everyone to delight in the spirit of Christmas. Hmm. Tricky? Not... really. One touch of Christmas magic later and local storekeeper Joy Blake's on a quest to revive Pinecone's Christmas Festival, bringing back the beloved community event of her childhood. Her obstacle is Ash Montgomery, the handsome town mayor who's focused on the fiscal, not the festive. Convincing the sexy Ash to bring Christmas back to Pinecone is a challenge Joy can't resist, any more than she can stop testing the gorgeous mayor's resolve to never date residents. She's determined to get what she wants. What he wants is her. Christmas in Pinecone is heating up. Publisher's Note: Christmas Joy was available previously for a short time at another house that has since gone dark.
Misfortune Of Vision
~ Prophecy can be dangerous ~ In 12th century Ireland, Orlagh has been Seer to her king for forty years. He doesn't want to hear her prophecies of war and destruction, and dismisses her efforts to warn him. Therefore, she is determined to fulfill her own quest: to find a worthy heir for her magical brooch. In the course of events, she must pass judgment on a thief, escape a Norman war camp, and battle wits with a Fae lord. She receives some prophecy of her own and enlists the help of a grizzled old warrior, who happens to be a long–time friend.
Blood Rising
The first of the BLOOD TRILOGY from Amber Anthony. Watch for the second enthralling book, BLOOD EMERALD, January 10th, 2018. The trilogy is completed with BLOOD DRAGON, April, 2018
Melissa's Christmas Wish
One sexy apparition, one lonely vampire and one week to live. Serghei has a dilemma on his hands. He is a vampire who is being haunted every night by a beautiful voluptuous black woman. Who is she? The answer is out there. Mel has one week to live. Will the man that appears in her dreams find her before her time runs out? She has one week to find out
Magical Rescue
Christmas is only a few days away. New Year's Eve, with all its terminal finality, would, thankfully, bring an end to Daniel Sherman's traumatic, pain-filled, empty year. It seems like an appropriate time to bring everything in his world to a close. Spirit broken, Daniel's plan is to enjoy maybe his last holiday in the icy cold of his beloved wilderness. It would be a comfort to end his days wrapped in the peace and solitude of the mountain -- If only he didn't feel like he was being watched, a feeling he'd had since his accident. Maybe adventure wasn't out of his life yet.
Bodice-ripper Becomes Breeches-ripper!
Will a virgin captive surrender to this pirate's sinful touch? "[L]oads of very hot dirty sex in which Nathaniel is a very willing participant.... Just as their relationship is developing, the action kicks in with battles at sea, treachery, daring rescues, heroic actions, and suffice it to say that your swash will be thoroughly buckled, and your timbers definitely shivered!" ~ Gay Book Reviews Nathaniel Bainbridge is used to hiding, whether it's concealing his struggles with reading or his forbidden desire for men. Under the thumb of his controlling father, the governor of Primrose Isle, he's sailing to the fledging colony, where he'll surrender to a respectable marriage for his family's financial gain. Then pirates strike and he's kidnapped for ransom by the Sea Hawk, a legendary villain of the New World. Bitter and jaded, Hawk harbors futile dreams of leaving the sea for a quiet life, but men like him don't deserve peace. He has a score to settle with Nathaniel's father—the very man whose treachery forced him into piracy—and he's sure Nathaniel is just as contemptible. Yet as days pass in close quarters, Nathaniel's feisty spirit and alluring innocence beguile and bewitch. Although Hawk knows he must keep his distance, the desire to teach Nathaniel the pleasure men can share grows uncontrollable. It's not as though Hawk would ever feel anything for him besides lust… Nathaniel realizes the fearsome Sea Hawk's reputation is largely invented, and he sees the lonely man beneath the myth, willingly surrendering to his captor body and soul. As a pirate's prisoner, he is finally free to be his true self. The crew has been promised the ransom Nathaniel will bring, yet as danger mounts and the time nears to give him up, Hawk's biggest battle could be with his own heart. Buy or borrow now in Kindle Unlimited!
Spanish Caresses
Charlie isn't much interested in vacationing in Spain or in seeing a flamenco concert while she's there. But she has let her best friend talk her into both, and when her eyes meet those of the darkly handsome guitarist onstage, she is instantly mesmerized. A member of a secret blood-drinking race, Nikolas occupies his time killing daemons and playing guitar. He has given up on finding his soul mate after centuries of searching, and suddenly one night out of the blue, there she sit, spellbound as she watches him play. Now all he has to do is convince her that she belongs to him and protect her from a pissed-off shapeshifting daemon Charlie never knew existed.
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