The Pirate's Jewel
by Ruth A. Casie | Interview

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for THE PIRATE'S JEWEL?

Have you ever read a book with secondary characters that scream for a story of their own? Or better yet, characters you want to know more about. Wesley Reynolds and Darla Maxwell, the central characters of The Pirate's Jewel are the parents of Lisbeth Reynolds, the heroine in my story, The Guardian's Witch. They have a small part in the story and begged for one of their own.

Q: I understand it's set in the world of the series Pirates of Britannia. What's...

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The Highland Renegade
by Amy Jarecki | Interview


I Spy A Demon
Urban Fantasy - New Release When twins Cecily and Calder Sizemore's parents are killed in a car accident, they're adopted by the Frost family—Gus, Mae and their sons, Marcel and Elliott. Over the years, Cecily's love for Marcel evolves into anything but sisterly. Cecily always knew something was amiss in the Frost household. Little things belied the calm, peaceful ambiance Mae did her best to portray. Calder tried to warn her things were not as they appeared, but she didn't want to believe him. When Calder begs her to leave Des Moines, start a new life away from the secrets, away from the Frosts and away from Marcel, she takes his advice and her shattered heart and moves to Minnesota. Now she's been called home for her beloved brother's funeral. There's more to the story than meets the eye. Discrepancies in how her twin died lead her back to Des Moines, and back to Marcel―the boy who stole her heart, the man whose very presence turns her blood to liquid fire. Marcel has always kept dangerous secrets, but this time, Cecily is determined to uncover the truth about the Frosts… and the truth about how Calder really died. She'll find out what really happened to her brother, even if it's her last act in life
Logan's Redemption (redemption Book 1)
START A NEW SERIES FOR FREE! Danger. Deception. Desire. He broke her heart once. Can he save her life now? Doriana Callahan's life is unraveling. Someone is stalking her and sabotaging her father's company; her teenage son is rebelling; and Logan Tanner is back in town. For sixteen years she's kept an explosive secret from Logan, a secret he soon discovers. Logan never belonged in Doriana's world, but a long time ago he allowed himself to dream of a future with her, until the awful night he was forced to run. Now he's back and he needs her forgiveness, but first he must forgive himself. Despite the fact that Doriana kept the existence of his son from him, Logan vows to protect her. He races against time to stop the culprit threatening Doriana and works to forge a bond with his son. Can the love and passion that still burn between Doriana and Logan overcome old lies and new dangers? The clock is ticking on a second chance at love. Franco's Fortune, Redemption Book 2, Jo and Franco's story, available now Luke's Temptation, Redemption Book 3, Anita and Luke's story, available now Josh's Salvation, Redemption Book 4, Josh and Lia's story, available now
Tender Touch
Three nightmarish years of marriage has shattered Brianna Wight's sheltered world. Leading her husband to believe she's been murdered, she flees to St. Louis . . . harboring terrible secrets that could be the death of her. The tragic loss of his Indian wife left Columbus Nigh a wanderer; necessity made him a wilderness guide. But now he finds himself drawn to the enigmatic woman who's hired him to lead her westward. Her gentle strength stirs his lonely heart . . . her tender beauty arouses his deepest passions. But the perils of the Oregon Trail pale beside the murderous wrath of the man who tracks them across the harsh frontier. Briana knows the only way to save herself and Columbus is to risk their tender love. Only then can she free herself from the horrors of the past -- and embrace a rapturous future . . .
Love Among The Stars....
Six BRAND new stories of love and romance among the stars by NYT & USA Today Bestsellers Mina Carter, Eve Langlais, Cara Bristol, Donna McDonald, Susan Hayes and J Thompson. Woken by a kiss, she didn't expect her prince to be a handsome alien warrior. Kissed by the Alien Mercenary: Warriors of the Lathar by Mina Carter. Clarabelle isn't about to take orders from anyone. Not even the alien hottie who has a disturbing tendency of shifting into a giant lizardman. Mate Abduction by Eve Langlais. When a dating agency claims to match Earth women with extraterrestrials, fraud investigator Cyan Blue goes undercover as a client to expose the scam. She's not interested in finding love and certainly not with a pretend alien! KRASH: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides by Cara Bristol. No risk. No reward. When time runs out, she'll have to make a choice that will change her life forever… Chance of a Lifetime by Susan Hayes. Bethany Walker lost everything the day she watched her husband die. Trapped in a bitter cycle of loneliness and grief, the arrival of a gorgeous cyborg with a familiar face changes everything. Betraying Ko'ran by J Thompson. She was searching for her cyborg husband and found an alien instead. Ashland 297 by Donna McDonald.

Cross Her Heart
| Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Melinda Leigh's an old hand at this by now--writing taut and tight thrillers, I mean. With cleverly plotted, smartly-paced narratives that scarcely let you blink, the new Bree Taggert series--following the Morgan Dane one which I loved--is promising to...

Heart Bandit
| Paranormal Romance

HEART BANDIT is the first book in the Gargoyle Night Guardians series, and we start off with Beaumont, who has been a Gargoyle for over 800 years. We find a new world of evil fae, the Critch, dubious souls, and an unwillingness to give in. Sadie does...

Matching Bloodlines
| Paranormal Romance

MATCHING BLOODLINES is the third book in The Princeton Allegiant series, and trust me when I say this series just keeps on getting better and better! Although I would say you "could" read this as a standalone, the better question would be "why?" At...

Love Lettering
| Contemporary Romance

If I'd initially thought there was something paranormal in the blurb, I could probably be forgiven for thinking that--Kate Clayborn's LOVE LETTERING is intriguing just from the summary of its story and in contrast to what I thought, is founded on the...

| Romantic Suspense/Mystery

NEVERMORE is the second book in the Raven Crawford series and we return to Raven as she is still adjusting to what happened at the end of book 1 and the death of the Corvid Queen. I say that some of the instances in this book are not a surprise, but...

| Erotic Romance

TRUSTED is the second book in the Club Indigo series, and this time we focus on Suzie, Laura's sister, and Captain Connor. Although Suzie was horrified when she saw Laura's cuff marks on her wrists, it turns out that Suzie likes the sharp edge of pain! This...

Earl of Scarborough
| Historical Romance

Ansley Twistleton, Earl of Scarborough, is a socially awkward man, who mostly keeps to himself. He has a routine which he adheres to like clockwork - any deviation causes him anxiety. Today we'd call his condition obsessive compulsive disorder. Despite...

Every Kiss
| Contemporary Romance

A sweet, heartwarming start to Music, Love and Other Miseries. The characters were believable and engaging, the story was well delivered and alluring. A thoroughly enjoyable read and one I recommend.

Dangerous Decisions
| Paranormal Romance

DANGEROUS DECISIONS is the third book in the Obsidian Flame series and although we continue with the overall story arc, this one has Hank and Misha on prominent display. Hank has been keeping a secret from Lara and so, as it turns out, has Misha. Both...

Seaside Serenade (Seaside Summers Book 9)
| Contemporary Romance

Wow! Another amazing hit by Melissa Foster. This is a quick read. Just 75 pages. But inside of those pages, Ms. Foster packs it full of amazing characters, wonderful story line and lots of amazing goodness! I have been her fan for sometime so I always...

Divine Challenges
| Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

DIVINE CHALLENGES is the second book in the Rise of Stria trilogy, and we return to Evainne and Kahl as they try to figure out... well, everything, really. Their relationship is still early days but it's amazing how fast something moves when your life...

Together Bound

TOGETHER BOUND is the second book in the Sentries series and we continue with Todd and Nicky's story. I would definitely recommend reading this as a series as we deal with the same characters in the same world and if you don't, then this may not make...

Eyes Wide Open

Sweet coming of age story, Fiona is trying to figure out what to do with her life. She's wanted to work in the "big city" London. She's just getting by with her bar job. Already stuck in a rut with a degree that appears to be useless, will she end up...

Run for the Roses

RUN FOR THE ROSES is the first book in the Circles series, and it is a much lighter storyline than some of her other books. There is also a hefty dollop of mystery in here for good measure. Val and Janelle are best buddies, bonding over their past...

Submitting to the Cattleman
| Erotic Romance

BJ Wane's highly anticipated sixth addition to her Cowboy Doms series has hit the shelves today, and SUBMITTING TO THE CATTLEMAN is a holiday treat that was totally worth waiting for. What I enjoy about BJ's books is that I'm able to submerse myself into...

We Still Live

WE STILL LIVE is a contemporary, standalone book that deals with some hard-hitting issues - mental illness and violence at school being just two. John is classed as a hero for his actions in the summer, but it affected him in ways even he doesn't fully...

Fire Beyond the Frost

FIRE BEYOND THE FROST introduces the reader to Catalina, an accomplished surgeon from Earth who signs up to go to an isolated ice planet called Ruvuk. Not only does she want to help the inhabitants of Ruvuk but she also wants to leave behind her ex-fiance....

Jennifer's Christmas Daddy
| Erotic Romance

If you are a reader of Raisa Greywood, then you know she's known for some amazing paranormal romances with a twist. And while I'd read some of her work on Literotica, I became a huge fan after reading BASTARD'S NEW BABY, which checked all the boxes with...

The Mystery of the Bones

I can't believe this author is as talented as she is! I love everything about Sebastian and Calvin. The mystery and intrigue surrounding this case were fantastic. I didn't realize how much I missed Quinn, Max, and yes... even Neil. It was interesting...

The Borrowed Bride
| Erotic Romance

Jaye Peaches' historical romance, BORROWED BRIDE, was an entertaining read. Young Dara is pressured (hah, let's be real, coerced is more like it) by her family to wed a much older man who doesn't love her (there's a secret there). But no one will tell...

Wicked Fire
| Erotic Romance

WICKED FIRE is the third book in the Wicked Magic series, and we continue our story by focusing on Morgaine and Drako. Morgaine was imprisoned within a menhir but it broke and she was free. After being 'oh so nicely' given the instructions to go to America...

Marked Yours

MARKED YOURS is the first book in the Sentries series and it introduces us to a post-apocalyptic world where the rules have changed. Same-sex partnerships aren't seen as any different to any other kind of romantic or love partnership. What is different...

Desire's Destiny
| Erotic Romance

DESIRE'S DESTINY is the first book in The Vespian Way series, and we are introduced to a world very different from Earth. They have their own customs and traditions, just like Earth does. Heather is assigned to the Ambassador as his bodyguard, but that...

Post Plague Kidnapping
| Erotic Romance

POST PLAGUE KIDNAPPING is an erotic post-apocalyptic story involving Leah, who has lived alone for the past five years and likes it that way, and James, who helped to build a colony where people can live in safety together. Now, obviously the title...

| Erotic Romance

TRAPPED is the first book in the Club Indigo series, and we meet Laura and James in a laundromat. James is a Dom who knows what he likes, and Laura is it. He knows she is a submissive, but she doesn't. Yes, she's read books about it, but that isn't real...


3.5 stars rounding up.... It isn't often that I delve into M/M stories, but ORIENTATION--strictly not quite a romance as yet--is making me rethink my choices. Gritty, oh-so-angsty and so well-put out, Gregory Ashe outlines 2 beguiling best-friends-protagonists...

Succubus Soul: Veras Academy
| Erotic Romance

SUCCUBUS SOUL: VERAS ACADEMY is the third book in the Succubus Sirens series, and we meet Bry, along with Derek, Zeke, Rio, and Trey. Three of the men are princes, and one is her best friend. This was an easy read, with most of the drama coming from...

Rescued by a Mountain Man
| Erotic Romance

A sexy read, RESCUED BY A MOUNTAIN MAN is a short story with likeable characters and a steamy storyline. A good in between read if you are looking for some hotness.

For Fox Sake

FOR FOX SAKE is the first book in Fetish Alley, however this series is a spinoff of the Men of London. I didn't know this when I started reading this story and although I enjoyed this suspenseful, sexy story, I would have been more engaged if I had read...

Arctic Heat

There's something I find compelling about Annabeth Albert's Frozen Hearts series, but perhaps it's the wilds of Alaska and the odd, accompanying sense of adventure and danger so far north that pull me in. Here, the urban-suave ex-investment banker and...

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Southeastern USA

Sierra Brave is a multi-published author of smoking hot romance. She writes across genres, dabbling in a little bit of everything, including ménage and BDSM. Her love of erotic fiction started in her last year of high school when she first read the sensual...

Annette Bower
Regina, Canada

Annette Bower lives and writes stories from a high rise where she can see the immediate hustle and bustle of downtown Regina and the changes in the sky and the grain fields throughout the Saskatchewan seasons. She includes these concepts in her writing,...

San Antonio, Texas

I'm an award-winning and bestselling author from San Antonio, Texas. I write in multiple genres but focus mainly on contemporary military romance and international crime/romantic suspense. I'm passionate about politics, women's rights, protecting animals,...

Cherie De Sues
Seattle, WA

Chérie De Sues is a "critically acclaimed", "award winning" and "best selling" author of thrillers, paranormal and contemporary suspense romances from sensual to sizzling heat levels. A member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), and RWA participant in...

Fearne Hill
Dorset, UK

Hi - I'm Fearne Hill and I write contemporary romance, always with a happy ever after. My first ever foray into writing is a trilogy about three young adults negotiating life away from home for the first time. They fall in love, cope with grief, disability,...

Mona Ingram
Okanagan Valley, B.C., Canada

Books have always been an important part of my life, and writing came naturally to me as I gained some life experience. I enjoy reading in various genres, but romance is what I enjoy writing. I like to write books with a compelling storyline as...


I am a 42 year old single mother. My daughter is in college and my son in Highschool. I work many hours a week in the medical field, but still find time to read 3-4 books a week. Thousands of Ebooks in my library on nook and kindle both. I can not wait...


I'm a simple girl from the Philippines who has a great love for reading. I'm 22 years old but I feel like I'm still 16. I'm young and naive sometimes but I'm working on the maturity thing.. I'm getting there!


An aspiring writer, Susan became interested in romance while transporting "The Dark Highlander" by Karen Marie Moning. Bored she read it and was completely hooked. With an educational background in psychology and fiction writing, Susan looks for stories...

Knotty Reviewer

Hi everyone! I'm Knotty Girl Sandie and I'm a married, happy subbie. I'm also a huge book junkie. I've been reviewing books for quite a few years now, and last May of 2017 I started my own blog. I love erotica with a HEA, those alpha men are my...





Naughty Temptations: Collection One
A collection of BESTSELLING PARANORMAL STORIES Featuring NY Times, USA Today, Amazon & International bestselling authors! Belle Scarlett, Berengaria Brown, Katherine Kingston, Nicole Austin, and N.J. Walters DOGGED PURSUIT by Berengaria Brown. Dwyer's nose is telling him Nelson is his mate. But werewolf tradition says a male's mate is always a female. WERE THE HELL? By Berengaria Brown. Septimus has to learn why no female weres have been born into his pack. When he walks into the meeting room he smells his mate. A male.
Someone Like Him
City girl, country guy. Will opposites attract or clash? When New-York-City girl Emily visits her cousin Janelle in Oregon, Emily wonders how she'll survive the wilderness. Janelle wonders if the wilderness will survive Emily's visit and if she can convince her cousin to help save part of an old-growth forest. Meanwhile, Emily also wonders if a big-city girl can get along with a county guy named Bret. Under forest canopies and by crystal-clear waters she struggles with her growing attraction to him. But they're so different. Whoever thought she'd fall for someone like him?
A Date With A Werewolf
Fun, flirty romcom with a twist of supernatural and a whole lot of bite ;) Love Bites Paranormal Dating Agency, book 2, A Date with a Werewolf available to preorder now Release date 6th March
In Love On Anchor Island
Roxie Chandler doesn't go looking for trouble, but it finds her anyway. After creating a scandal in her hometown, she takes refuge on Anchor Island, her cousin's adopted home in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Planning to stick around only until she finds an alternative, Roxie doesn't expect to make friends. Or to find love. Alex Fielding is a small town doctor making a difference in his neighbors' lives. His life on Anchor Island is quiet and simple, just how he likes it, until a leather-clad rebel with a chip on her shoulder moves in next door. Roxie and Alex get off to a rough start, but sparks fly even when they're fighting. The more he learns about her, the more Alex wants to save her from herself. And the longer she's on the island, the more Roxie thinks about staying. But when her prediction comes true and she screws up once again, Anchor Island may no longer be her port in the storm.
Tempted By A Vampire
What happens when your favorite rock star is a Vampire? A steamy, first book in the Immortal Hearts of San Francisco Series and only 99 cents.
The Runaway Model
Glitzy gay romance, on sale for a limited time for only 99 cents.
A Date With A Vampire
You are cordially invited to join Love Bites Paranormal Dating Agency. Where fangs, fur, feathers, and the occasional human meet their match. Book 1, A Date with a Vampire, FREE on Kindle Unlimited!
Hot And Sticky
NA Contemporary Gay Romance It's been extremely difficult for Hugh Landon, up and coming lawyer in Washington, D.C., to control his sexual fantasies about his new paralegal, Milan Vassar. When his career hangs in the balance over a missing file, Hugh must call Milan at the midnight hour and plead for assistance. Hugh's determination not to mix business with pleasure disintegrates when Milan arrives at the office not only to help him, but to confess he's held the same secret desires for his boss. One night of passion turns into more than either man thought possible. ew Release: Gay Romance
What's A Cyborg To Do?
Hunter is a cyborg working for the military wing of the Interplanetary Alliance, with an obsession he just can't shake. Four years ago, he met a woman on Rigerion IV and spent the night with her. The sex was incredible. When he woke the next morning she was gone and no matter how hard he looked, he couldn't find her. When he discovers that she is the captain of one of the most brazen pirate ships in this quadrant, he makes it his personal goal to track her down and punish her. Problem is, despite her status as one of the most notorious pirates in the galaxy, she was bred to be a submissive sex slave, so punishment just makes her hot! What's a cyborg to do?
Readers Adore All We Left Behind:
‘Heart-wrenching. Emotional. A powerful story of wartime love and devotion' Glynis Peters, author of The Secret Orphan ‘A story crying out to be told' Mary Martel, Netgalley ‘From the very first chapter I was hooked' Whitney Wenthold, Netgalley ‘This is another WWII novel with a bit of a twist… a story of friendship, love, heartbreak and so much more' Pam, Netgalley ‘Fabulous, gripping historical fiction…I am glad that I was able to come away from this novel learning something new about this time in history' Rachel Fox, Netgalley ‘Gripping from start to finish…A must read for WWII fiction fans!' Sydney Long, Goodreads ‘An amazing story that will stick with me…historic fiction done right' Stephanie Showmaker, Netgalley ‘Historical fiction at its best' Abby Siverman, Netgalley
Decision (diversion 8)
Decision (Diversion 8) is now available for preorder at Amazon, releasing March 1. Follow the law, or follow their hearts? By-the-book Bo Schollenberger's training to be the new boss at the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau. He's always been the moral compass for his partner Lucky Lucklighter, or Simon Harrison, or whatever-the-hell his name is this week. Lucky might have read the book, or parts of it, but toes the line between legal and… not so legal. A little moral elasticity lets him out-maneuver the bad guys. It's not broke, why fix it? They butt heads at work, but they're rock solid at home, where their biggest concern is when, or if, they'll become parents. Their latest case puts them in a tailspin when drugs flood a local high school and someone hands Lucky's nephew a vial of pills like they were candy. Unravelling the drug ring leads them straight into a nest of human trafficking, way outside the jurisdiction of the SNB, but no way could Bo and Lucky let the perpetrators leave Atlanta scot-free. No one gets away with harming innocents, especially family. The letter of the law says to trust the legal system, but doing the right thing might lead them outside the lines. Especially when the youngest trafficking victim lands squarely in Bo's lap.
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