To Dream of You

Tamara Gill
To Dream of You


Tamara Gill
Release Date
October 2020
Book 1 of Wicked Widows
Historical Romance

Her birthday gift may be her death...

Princess Holly of Atharia is set to take the throne, inheriting immeasurable wealth and position upon her fifth and twentieth birthday. But her scheming uncle has other plans. Having her removed permanently would pave the way for him. Fleeing to England for safety until her birthday, Holly reinvents herself as Mrs. H. With her royal guards working as her staff, Holly embarks upon a life of idle joy at a coastal estate, pretending to be a war widow trying to make her small farm profitable for all those who rely on her.

He refuses to marry out of obligation...

Drew Meyers, Marquess of Balhannah suffers from a manipulative father who's found him the perfect wife, one of fortune and connections. Drew refuses to marry anyone, not of his choosing, and when the heiress writes and begs him to flee before her arrival at his estate, Drew does as she asks and absconds on his sailing boat, destined for adventures on foreign shores.

Torn between duty and love...

A storm sees Drew wash up on the beach before Holly's estate, injured and almost dead. Holly takes pity on the injured man who claims memory loss and allows him to stay. Unsure of his loyalty and unlikely story, Holly remains on guard. But as Holly and Drew grow closer, they discover how similar their paths truly are. Fighting the evils that surround them, can they find strength in one another?


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